Wildlife Management,
Conservation and Research

Connect with nature and protect our environment.

Gain the cultural intelligence and appropriate skills to
add real value at one of our volunteer placements in
South Africa.

Ethical volunteering is crucial!

We equip you with the relevant skills to add real value as a volunteer. We give you the tools to understand the culture of the country and organization you will be assisting. We will ensure that you are properly trained and on boarded before you begin work on your volunteer placement.

Our partner organizations

We have partnered with a variety of NGO’s, Government Agencies and Social Enterprise to collaborate and contribute towards tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Workshops and on-boarding

Anti poaching practices

Anti poaching units how to set one up and the two predominant options for counter poaching

Reserve Management

Basic skills development


Required data collection techniques

Community Engagement

Education and skills development for local community members

Africa’s wildlife depends on its relationship with it’s people.

As human populations grow and industry and infrastructure develop, the balance between people and nature is constantly tested. There are currently many initiatives to mitigate the threats facing iconic species and historic wildlife habitats. This is because the need to protect our planet is growing more and more pressing each day. Ivory continues to be a highly sought after commodity.

Anti-poaching initiatives to stop the slaughter of wildlife within Africa’s protected areas have saved some species from further decline. However, to destabilize the international trade that has decimated populations over the last few decades, we need to combat wildlife trafficking and strengthen conservation awareness in local communities through education and engagement.

Price plan including Evolve housing program

GBP 895 1 Week Skills development workshops and onboarding program
USD 895 1 Weeks Skills development workshops and onboarding program
GBP 600 For each additional week Skills development workshops and onboarding program
USD 600 For each addition week Skills development workshops and onboarding program


  • Airport pick up
  • Orientation
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Training workshops
  • Assessment
  • Practical guidance and training
  • Shared accommodation in Evolve house
  • Transport to and from your placement
  • 24 hour emergency support


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance