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Marine Conservation.
Course and internship Abroad.

Specialised marine biology course and marine science focused workshops.
Study and intern abroad – immerse yourself in marine conservation

Become a Marine Specialist

Marine litter is reaching a critical level showing no sign of decline, join our expert marine scientists in their mission to stem the plastic tide whilst gaining key marine conservation skills on a summer abroad program.

A forward-thinking blended curriculum focusing on educational and theoretical learning with practical skills designed to provide you with the knowledge that you need to be an informed part of global marine conversation.

Foundation Theory

Introduction to Marine Biology

The fundamental basis of our marine and freshwater ecology and environment.

The Anthropocene/Ocean Health

The state of our oceans where human activity dominates the environment and how we can help ocean awareness.

Marine and Freshwater Litter

Plastic Pollution and microplastics in our oceans and rivers looking at local and global waste management solutions.

Community and Conservation

Educational community engagement with local communities and initiatives on local conservation initiatives.

Practical Skills and Tools


Build data collection sampling and analysis techniques


Collaborating effectively in culturally diverse environments


Upstream solutions for ocean pollution and plastic rivers via litter capturing and clean-up data collection

Benthic Macro invertebrate Indices

Researching marine benthic invertebrates to determine the health of an area

Coral Reef

Assessing the human impacts on the coral reef

Marine Litter Crisis

Plastic is everywhere. The plastic tide is one of the most pressing concerns on our environment today with debris choking our oceans, rivers and marine life.

Indonesia hosts the second largest waste problem in the world where now more than ever scientists and local initiatives need to join together in tackling this crisis. This is a chance to not only develop your practical research skills but to take action and become part of the solution.

Join one of UoB’s specialists in marine plastics and collaborate on a paper

Marine conservation requires experience, get ahead in the field.

In such a competitive field you need every opportunity to stand out, learn from your mentor, our expert scientists, community members, local NGO’s, the UNSDG’s, and your peers and make the ocean your classroom.

Aboard our vessel and on-land this programme is designed to give you a hands on inter disciplinary experience and hone your marine biology expertise and skills with our global partnerships.

“Without the ocean no life on earth could exist so if you want to reconnect with your love of the ocean or develop a new love for the ocean Evolve Abroad is for you.”  – Dr Nel, PhD Marine Biology (University of Birmingham)

Applied marine sciences on an internship placement

Our marine conservation internship focuses on sharpening the skills that you have learnt and applying them to real life situation while on your work placement.

Develop your professional network and resume by joining a local initiative and applying the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Your mentor will guide you through your placement offering you support while you work towards the objectives you have set yourself.

My internship was highly motivational and very committed to the work, highly organised and I would love to work with them again any day!” – Phoebe Armitage, University of Plymouth


USD 695 4,6,8 Weeks Virtual exchange and online internship includes certified course, online internship & discussion groups and cultural workshops.
GBP 1500 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
USD 2095 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
GBP 260 Per week  Each additional week 
USD 335 Per week Each additional week


  • Course material
  • Mentor
  • Placement
  • Accomodation
  • Meals (breakfast and dinner)
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Surfing and sailing introductions


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance

Facilitator and Mentor

Dr Holly Nel
Microplastics specialist and Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham

  • Project manager
  • Microplastic researcher
  • Esteemed academic in marine sciences
  • Research fellow
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