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Education in the 21st Century
Certified course and international internship

Certified course focusing on diversity and inclusive education &
teaching skills relevant for delivering an effective education in the 21st century.
Travel & work on our teach abroad work placements abroad Or participate in our
virtual exchange program with an online teaching internship

Become an inspiration

Educators are in a position to champion the next generation, hone your creative and intuitive skills and unlock the potential in others.

An engaging blended curriculum focussing on theoretical learning, practical skills and intercultural intelligence. Encouraging effective informed Global Citizens

Foundation Theory

Education Reimagined:

Explore the current bigger issues in education and investigate developing students emotional awareness.

Education vs schooling:

Investigate the philosophies, ideologies and purpose of education.

The Business of education:

Explore different views on reform and modernization of the education sector.

Equality & diversity in education:

Addressing gender inequalities in education and the effects of access to resources on quality of education.

Practical Skills and Tools

Classroom management skills:

Behavioral techniques focusing on positive reinforcement. Think fun, engaging unflappable.

Intercultural intelligence:

Investigate the philosophies, ideologies and purpose of education. Tips for effective communication in a virtual classroom.

Integrating technology into curriculum:

Tips and tools for effective teaching in a virtual space. How to add technology effectively into lesson plans.

Creative effective lesson planning:

Tools for effective & inclusive engagement with a diverse class with limited resources.

Education is about facilitating enquiry and investigation

Every child has an inquisitive mind with something special to contribute to our environment and society. Educators are in a unique position to encourage, guide and praise the next generation.

This is an opportunity to foster confidence, creativity, knowledge and talent for the next generation in a dynamic global environment.

Practice your skills on placement

In a world where the pace of learning is increasing exponentially, children are in great need of additional learning support.

The latest research shows that skilled teachers assistants used to deliver structured, high-quality support to small groups or individual children results in pupils making an additional two to four months’ progress.


USD 695 4,6,8 Weeks Virtual exchange and online internship includes certified course, online internship & discussion groups and cultural workshops.
GBP 1500 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
USD 2095 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
GBP 260 Per week  Each additional week 
USD 335 Per week Each additional week


  • Course material
  • Mentor
  • Work Placement
  • Accomodation
  • Meals (breakfast and dinner)
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Accredited certification and formal qualification where listed


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance


Chloe Tann

This internship with Evolve Abroad was my first internship and also my first overseas trip by myself. I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable, allowing me to ease into the programme and Cape Town with ease. I appreciate that the trip was tailored to my needs and interest as an undergraduate student who has an interest in early childhood development and special education as well. Shayle (co-founder) went above and beyond in connecting me to my mentors and places of attachment in order to maximise my time and experience in Cape Town. I learnt a great deal from my mentors and the students as well. It was an experience unlike any other as I got to experience more than what you’d typically get as a tourist by integrating and spending time with people from all walks of life.