Our Motivation

To promote research, development and
collaboration in an intelligent and meaningful way.

Our Story

Looking for a summer program or internship that produces results?
Looking for short courses which are accredited or certified?
Want to volunteer abroad in an ethical way and add real value?
Worried about transparency and voluntourism, but still want to make a difference?
Want to collaborate on valuable research?

Evolve Abroad was born when Sara and Shayle came together one evening and debated these burning desires and concerns which had been raised by so many people they had met over the past 15 years working in the study abroad and volunteer industry. Their aim was to build an organization that would address all of these concerns and satisfy this universal desire. The end result is an organisation that delivers accredited courses, facilitated internships and structured mentorship. We offer ethical, transparent, valuable volunteer placements that are formally monitored for impact to ensure that they do promote community development, sustainability and protect our environment.

Evolve Abroad is an academy that collaborates with global specialists who facilitate education, growth, skills development, engagement and valuable experiences across the globe. We have seen what bad looks like, we know what good looks like, and we aim to facilitate you in the right way alongside all the meaningful collaborators who share our aspiration.

Shayle evolve abroad team member

Shayle Havemann


After completing a BSc Honours specializing in educational and developmental psychology. I travelled and worked around the world in the corporate sector before returning to Africa to work in the travel and education industry. I am inspired by passion and commitment. Mix that with knowledge, experience and a sense of adventure and I believe you have a winning combination!

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Sara King co founder of evolve abroad

Sara King


After completing my BSc in Zoology and PADI Divemaster course I set out across the globe working for numerous volunteer and internship organisations. I focused on marine conservation projects in Madagascar, Honduras and Fiji before transitioning to building global partnerships across London, America and Cape Town. What inspires me is the tenacity and passion I have seen in people I have met along the way. These are individuals driven to make a change, to contribute, and to develop themselves, and others. It’s amazing what passion, commitment and collaboration can achieve!

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We believe what differentiates an organization and drives it’s success or failure are its values.

think differently banner evolve abroad

See the world from different angles, be inquisitive, challenge the status quo.

listen banner evolve abroad

To the voice of others, to the sound of nature and surround yourself with what inspires you.

appreciate banner evolve abroad

Laughter, wisdom, people, the beauty of nature and our planet.