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Sports Coaching.
Course & intern Abroad.

Sport psychology and coaching course with an
international sports coaching internship

Grow Champions

Sports and wellbeing are an integral part of a happy healthy lifestyle.

An engaging blended curriculum focussing on theoretical learning, practical skills and intercultural intelligence. Encouraging effective informed Global Citizens

Foundation Theory

Understanding the components of fitness & how to test them

Health Related Components; Skill and health related Components and a Comparison. Components of Fitness needed for Different Sporting Activities.

Basic anatomy
and physiology

Muscle types and their function, the cardiovascular system, mechanics of breathing. The nervous system and sports.

Factors affecting sports performance

Safety in sport, diet and nutrition, understanding types of performance enhancing drugs.

Planning training and fitness programs

Phases of warm up and psychological benefits, how does the body generate energy, different training zones, stretching and skills development.

Practical Skills and Tools

Techniques for developing strength and flexibility

Management and leadership skills

Planning and exercise programming skills

Assessment and performance management

Sports coaching is about developing talent and promoting healthy balanced lifestyles

The need to be fit and healthy is an essential commodity of life. People are constantly looking for ideas and solutions on how to lose weight, how to exercise safely and what exercise to do to improve ability and performance. This course offers you the chance to understand what you can and ultimately need to do in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

It gives you the theoretical knowledge and offers practical ideas on how to set about shaping yours and others lifestyles in order to increase health and fitness. You will get out there and train with other athletes and have the opportunity to foster an appetite for sports and healthy living in young children from the townships.

Price of Course

GBP 1500 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
USD 2095 4 Weeks Specialized Certified professional development courses, skills audit, career development plan and supervised internship placement.
GBP 260 Per week  Each additional week 
USD 335 Per week Each additional week


  • Course material
  • Accreditation, certification and qualification where specified
  • Mentor
  • Placement
  • Accomodation
  • Meals (breakfast and dinner)
  • 24 hours emergency service


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance

Facilitator and Mentor

Claire Horner
Co Owner of sports academy My training day

  • National, regional + local squad director
  • Ironman university certified coach
  • TSA Level 2 certified coach
  • Joe Friel coaching certificate
  • Bachelors in sports science
  • Diploma in sports nutrition
  • Training Peaks University Certified coach
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claire horner sports coach