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Sri Lanka

Internships in Sri Lanka

They say there is no other country in the world, like Sri Lanka. A smiling sun all year round, golden beaches, ancient cities, exciting safaris, colourful culture, adventure sport and lovely people… where else can you get all these in one place?

Found at the tip of India, this little exotic island is abundant with marvelous discoveries. Be it a journey of exploring the wilderness, an Ayurvedic wellness experience, relaxing in the sun, there is something for everyone.

Sri Lanka offers unique opportunities for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty and get stuck in to the practical side of conservation research or veterinary science. This is an idyllic place to spend 4 to 12 weeks surrounded by nature, indigenous communities and grassroots organizations.

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Tiana Solomon
Student at University of Rochester

“What Evolve Abroad has made possible, what I have learned and experienced, the people I have met and the friendships I was able to make in just 3 weeks, I could have never found anywhere else. The Marine Science Internship and Research Program allowed me to fully immerse myself into anything related to marine biology and marine conservation by being a program fully individualized based on my interest, experience and willingness to challenge myself. I got a chance to work with many people from many different local NGOs such as Anchor Environmental, Cape RADD or Sea The Bigger Picture, learn from them and take advice from them being it related to free-diving, community work, scientific sampling and evaluation, citizen science or life in general. I got a chance to teach pre-school kids about the ocean and plastic pollution and sampled beaches for microplastic. This program did not just allow me to get a glimpse of the complexity of marine biology and conservation but has allowed me to be part of every single aspect of it. Simultaneously exploring the Cape Peninsula, hiking up Table Mountain, visiting the Penguins of Simons Town or simply drinking Rooibos Tea while watching the sunset, had left me with an unforgettable experience that was way beyond anything I could have imagined. “